Anti Social Social Club

The Anti Social Social Club burst onto the fashion scene in early 2015. It had navigated through a crowded streetwear market and is now at worldwide fame, thanks to its eccentric founder Neek Lurk who never planned on conquering anything but somehow managed to build an empire based on “negative stuff” like mental struggles and depression- all while only having one goal: design clothes for those with similar feelings as him/herself! The online store has permanently sold out of certain designs or messages that people can’t get enough information about because they’re too fascinated by what might be next from such an interesting brand new face on this planet we call Earth.

At the beginning of 2015, Neek designed 12 Anti Social Social Club T-shirts with a similar logo. He did not even print them but merely created a photoshop mock-up and shared it on the Internet before people bought all twelve shirts off his site without him knowing! And then this funny thing happened: suddenly everyone in LA seemed to know who he was from some spontaneous wave that carried Anti Social Club straight into streetwear relevance where they belong–and now we’re talking about designing new merch too 🙂

Kanye West’s influence helped to create a new wave of hype for the Anti Social Club. The brand was launched just three weeks ago, but Kanye has already been spotted wearing one of its signature hoodies. The traffic on Neek’s Big Cartel shop doubled during that week thanks in part to Kim Kardashian who donned an “I Miss You” hat two months after it first went out at NYFW-a a few weeks before her husband Kris Humphries announced their split via Twitter! Virtually every celebrity you can think of is sporting some sortCouture apparel these days too–Travis Scott rocked his green-capped SOC tee while attending the DS2 album release party last night (alongside other celebrities like Lil Uzi Vert). And