Who is Cactus Jack

In Recent times Cactus Jack has become a synonym of Travis Scott. Cactus Jack Is a Record Label That is founded by the American most Famous Rapper and Music Producer. If you are a Rap fan then you must have heard about Travis Scott and his Record Label Cactus Jack. Even if you’re not into Music, Travis Scott’s name is popular because he is married to one of the most famous Influencers and the youngest Billionaire Kylie Jenner. 

The label currents acts include other popular names such as: 

  • Sheck Wes
  • Don Toliver.
  • Luxury Tax
  • SoFaygo. 
  • Chase B. 
  • WondaGurl.

Why did Travis Scott Found Cactus Jack Label? 

Just like me, You must be thinking that Travis Scott has founded his Label to Rule the Music world, but that’s not true. Travis Scott is one of the most humble persons in the Music Industry and he always promotes healthy competition. He has founded this Label to financially Support new singers and Rappers. Travis doesn’t want New musicians to see the financial crisis, which he faced at the beginning of his music career. Travis Scott has faced many difficulties at the beginning of his career and he realized what impact these financial Problems can create on Singers Mental health.  Travis Scott also has Merchandise at the Travisscottofficial store.

Travis Scott Early and Professional Life? 

Travis Scott Was born on 30 April 1991. He lived with his grandmother for 6 years in Texas and then He decided to Move with his Parents. Scott’s mother was working in Apple at that time and His father owns a private Business. Travis’ father and grandfather both were Music Lovers, his grandfather was a Producer of many Jazz songs too. In the early ages, Travis Scott was into Music and in 2008 he dropped out of his university and went to New York City to Pursue his Music Career. 

In 2008 he Collaborated with his Friend Chris Holloway they named their band “the Graduates” and released their first EP on social media websites. In 2009 Travis Collaborated with another Friend OG Chess and made another band named “the Classmates”. Travis had to struggle a lot, in 2017 his first song from an independent album got famous and Travis started ruling over the hearts of millions. 

Why does WWE want to stop using the nickname, Cactus Jack? 

Travis Scott is not a single person to use the name “cactus Jack ” for his record labels. In recent times Cactus jack has also become a synonym of Travis and people started calling him with this new nickname. As we all know that Cactus jack is the moniker used by one of the most famous WWE wrestlers Mick Foley.

According to some News, WWE is trying to stop Travis From using Cactus Jack Moniker. Mick Foley adopted this name in the ’80s and he used it in the loving memory of his father. Dj Premier revealed that Travis’ father is an inspiration for using this Nickname, as he is also named Jack.  

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