Who is Travis Scott?

Travis Scott is One of the Most popular Rappers, Music Producer, and a songwriter. He is the owner of a Clothing Store too. The real name of Travis is Jacques Berman Webster II, but he is famous among his fans with the name “ Travis Scott”. He is one the youngest Rapper who got this much popularity at a very early age. Travis Was born on 30 April 1991 in Houston Texas. Travis is also Famous For getting Married to one of the most famous Influencers and the Youngest Billionaire Kylie Jenner.

Travis Scott Early Life? 

Travis Scott Lived his early years of life with his Grandmother in South Park Houston. After spending his early years he then decided to stay with his parents. His mother was working for the world’s best Company “Apple” at that time and his father was a businessman. Webster’s father was also a soul musician, and his grandfather was a Jazz Producer. Travis was into singing from an early age. 

Travis got his early education from a Private School and later on, he got enrolled in Elkins High School. He got his graduation done in 2007 and then attended the University of Texas at San Antonio. Just after a year, he dropped out of university to Pursue his Music Career. 

Travis Scott Career and Achievements: 

After dropping Out, Travis moved to Newyork City to do something in Music. He spent the first few days at Just Blaze studio. After that, he partnered with his friend Chris Holloway, and they launched a band “The Graduates” in 2008. They released their First Ep on social Media Websites and got a lot of Praise. In 2009 Scott Paired up with his other Friend OG Chess and they formed a band named “The classmates”. This band released two projects in which Scott looked after the Production work. This band got separated in 2012 due to some financial and Personal Issues. 

Travis Scott Professional and financial life were full of difficulties at that time. He kept on traveling between Houston and Los Angeles. After a lot of hard work, Scott Finally released a Long Length Project “Owl Pharaoh” but because of his fate or bad luck, the release of this project was delayed, and later it was completed by Kanye West. 

In 2014 Travis came up with his Song Don’t play” in his first debut Album “‘Days Before Rodeo”. This song became a hit and Travis Scott got recognition across the globe. After that, he released many songs and by today he is one of the most popular names in the American Music Industry. 

Travis Love Life: 

In 2017, there were rumors about Travis Scott dating the influencer Kylie Jenner. And in 2018 Kylie and Scott welcomed their first child “Stormi”, a cute baby girl. Stormi is now 3 years old. 

 In 2020 there were Rumours that this couple got separated. But in 2021 Kylie shared her baby bump pictures that depict this couple is going to welcome their second child in a few months. 

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